Last night at bedtime, Craig was downstairs brushing the kid’s teeth. Usually I take over after that point and read them a book and put them to bed. But, last night was different.

photo credit: Arnaud Bram

Downstairs (unbeknownst to me):

Carina: Daddy, can we read books?

Craig: I don’t know. Go upstairs and ask your mom if she’s reading books or if I am.

Then, Carina came upstairs.

Me: Hey Carina. Are you ready for bed?

Carina: Mom, can we read books?

Me: No, it’s too late. We can read books tomorrow.

Carina: Oh. Ok.

Me: Let’s get you in your pajamas…

Carina: No, Mom. Daddy is putting us to bed tonight. You can put us to bed tomorrow. (hurridly kissing and hugging me goodnight)

Me: Uh, ok…

Carina runs back downstairs

Carina: Dad, Mom said that you are reading the books tonight.