Lately Callen has started to show a greater interest in music. And more of an opinion. Recently we were out to eat when a Sarah McLaughlin song came on. Five seconds into the song, Callen said he didn’t like the song. When I asked him why, he said, “because it’s sad.” I thought that was pretty intuitive, even if Sarah is one of my favorite artists.

Leaving Branson after a weekend visit, we were hoping the kids would sleep most of the way home since they are exhausted. We turned on some soothing Hayley Westenra music, specifically a track we used in our wedding. Callen immediately started yelling from the back seat, “turn this off! I don’t wike this! I don’t want to hear this!”

I was surprised, since I was fairly sure he had never heard the song before. “Why don’t you like this, Callen?”

“Because it’s TEWABLE!”

We’ve never heard him use the word terrible before, so we were dually impressed and amused.

On a side note, we’re now nearly home, and no one has done any sleeping.