It always surprises me how certain pieces of new knowledge continually surface in the kids’ minds (especially when it relates to our own anatomy).

A few weeks ago, between bath time and pajamas, Callen pointed to the berries part of his twig and berries and said, “Dad, what’s this?”

“Those are your nuts,” said Craig.

Callen looked at him slyly and said, “Oh, Daddy, we don’t eat these!”


A few days later-

Callen:  Dad, I’m hungry.

Craig:  Ok, we’ll get a snack.

Callen: (pointing to his berries) What are these again?

Craig: Nuts.

Callen:  I’m so hungry my nuts hurt.


More recently –

I’m sitting in the front seat of the truck, and I hear Callen behind me in the back seat chewing and crunching on something quite noisily.

Me:  Callen, what are you eating?

Callen:  NUTS!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!!


And finally, last night –

30 minutes after Craig had put the kids to bed, we are lounging in the living room.  From the bottom of the stairs:

Carina:  Mom, I forgot to tell you and Dad something.

Me:  Yes, Carina?

Carina:  I love you all the way to the moon and back down to our house, and into my room, and up to the kitchen, and all the way into my heart.  I will never stop loving you!  (This is Carina’s new thing – she likes to tell us how much she loves us by stretching her love out over long distances)

Craig:  That’s very nice Carina.  Thank You.  We love you very much too.  Goodnight!

Me:  Goodnight Carina!  I looooovvveee you!

Callen:  Yeah, um, and I love you from the moon down to the earf (earth) and into my nuts and up to the ceiling and…

Carina: (in a surprised and correctional LOUD whisper)  Callen!  You don’t have any nuts!

Callen:  Yes I do. They’re right under my P. (P is his word for penis)…and into my room, and down the stairs, and into my heart.

Craig and I: (stifling laughter)  We love you too!  Goodnight children!