For the first time since, well, ever, we stayed home for Christmas.  One of our main reasons for doing this was because we felt like the kids are getting old enough to start to appreciate holiday traditions, and we wanted to establish those traditions in our own home.  We started the kids off with one of the most common family traditions – putting up the tree.

Carina said she wanted to add some wood to make a bigger base for the tree, after hearing about how her friend Amelie’s tree tipped over in the middle of the night.

Callen really enjoyed figuring out what order the three pieces of our tree went in.  “Like that big snowman I made last year!” he says.

Wasn’t it great of the kids to take pictures of one another while they worked?  They sent Craig and I out to get some extra lights.  “You can never have too many bulbs on a 12 footer!” said Carina.

Luckily we got back from the blinkin’ light store just in time to help the kids with the ornaments.  It wouldn’t be a family tradition if we didn’t all contribute!

The kids really love this holiday tradition thing, and so do Craig and I.  Putting up the tree has never been as enjoyable as it was this year.