Labor day has come and gone, and rain is pouring outside my window,  so it’s time to say goodbye to the summer swim season.

At the beginning of the summer, Carina was very timid about putting her face in the water, while Callen would jump in and intentionally sink himself, smiling all the way to the bottom of the pool.  So, we decided to put Carina in swim lessons at the Y to get her semi-caught up to her brother in confidence.

Modeling swim class outfit. No, we don't teach her this stuff.

Clowning by the pool

Swimming? Floating?

The class really helped. Carina is much more confident in the water, and swims around like a little fish. She prefers to wear goggles though.

Now she's a real professional.

Teaching Callen all the tricks learned in class

Swimming at DeGray Lake

Getting ready for a dip in Table Rock Lake

Swimming in Grandma & Papa's pool

I’m sure next summer will be a completely different swimming experience for us, as the kids will have grown so much!  However, I imagine Carina will still be spending most of her time in goggles, and Callen will still be performing death-defying water stunts.