Carina was super excited with anticipation for about three months.  She asked over and over, “Is it July yet?”  Back in February we had accidentally won a dance package in a silent auction that included enrollment in summer dance camp at Little Rock School of Dance.  I made the mistake of telling Carina this in April.

When July finally came, Carina was more than ready to start dance.  We borrowed a lot of dance gear, so a couple nights before camp started, we tried it all on to see what fit. Craig wanted me to take a couple pictures, and Carina started posing!  I started to wonder if we shouldn’t enroll her in drama classes instead.

She did really well with going to the classes.  She always said she had fun, although when I asked her after each class what she did, I never got much info. (Parents weren’t allowed in the studio.) At first she would just say, “I don’t  know.” Then after the third class or so, she’d tell me bits and pieces, but due to my limited dance knowledge, I had no idea what “baby bow” or “strawberry shortcake” had to do with dancing.

Carina's First Class

After only eight one-hour classes, July was over and it was time for the big recital (or show, as Carina calls it). There’s just something about the leotard that causes extremely hammy posing to erupt.

The first minute of this video is the girls getting lined up on the stage.  But, you’ll see Carina try to stare through the bright lights to find us out in the audience, and then she just starts waving even though she can’t find us.

We are so proud of Carina for doing so well on stage and learning her dance so quickly!  We celebrated afterward with dinner out at a local pizza place.