Sorry it has been so long since I’ve last posted – we’ve had a very busy summer.  Posts with pictures coming soon!  In the meantime, some pre-k comedy:

Carina was getting ready to do the crossword puzzle in the paper (she writes random letters in each box).  As she was folding the paper to a manageable size, she said, “I see Carina.  Drinking coffee.  And Mommy is drinking coffee too.”  Here’s what she showed me:


Carina is very good at introducing herself to people, and if Callen is around, she’ll usually introduce him by saying, “And this is my brother, Callen.”  He’s starting to want to introduce himself though. Yesterday we made a stop at Walgreens.

Carina to the cashier:  “Hi.  What’s your name?”

Cashier: “Jocelyn.”

Carina: “Nice to meet you Jocelyn.  My name is Carina.”

Callen: “And my name is My Brother.”