Back in April, toward the end of a long day, the kids decided they wanted to play in their water table, which is out on the deck.  It’s a small, round, plastic table sectioned off into wells of different depths. I wiped out the empty wells, and went back into the kitchen to get water.  As I headed into the laundry room to drop off the pollen-caked rag I had just wiped the table off with, I heard Carina say, “Climb up there, Callen.”  Five seconds later I heard a crash and a wail.  I ran out to the deck in time to see Callen stand up and start crying.  As soon as I hugged him he stopped crying, and at first I thought he had a small leaf stuck to his eyebrow.  On closer inspection, I realized he had gashed open his eye, but it wasn’t really bleeding.

After 15 minutes of staring at the gash, trying to decide if it needed stitches while also trying to clean it and ice it (which brought bigger wails from Callen than the actual injury), I called Craig for a phone consult.  After no conclusion was drawn, I suggested taking a picture and sending it to Craig for analysis.

Craig deemed that he would indeed need a stitch or two.  I loaded the kids up in the truck and drove in to the hospital, where we met Craig at the front entrance.  Callen was SO EXCITED to get to go with daddy to his work.  While I packed a few toys and diapers into his backpack, Callen beamed, pumped his fists, and said, “Mama, I go with Daddy to see the DOCTOR!”  Meanwhile Carina bawled because she had to stay with me.  Six hours later, around midnight, Callen and Craig came home.  Apparently the boys had a grand old time at the ER, and Cal was proud to show off his three stitches the next day.

That's tomato soup, in case you're wondering.

A couple weeks later, his stitches were completely gone.  If you get an owie, he now asks if you fell off the water table.  He still has a red mark that is fading slowly, but I imagine he will always have a scar there.  Notice the title of this post is “Callen’s First Stitches”.  I have a feeling they won’t be the last.