May was a fun month for us.  The temperatures really warmed up, our garden started to produce veggies that we like, and we did some cool things.

May 5 – Our garden has been giving us radishes for a while now.  Although they are not our favorite to eat, we still love to water them, pick them, and learn about how they grow!

May 10 – Daddy and Mommy took us to a park we had never visited before.  It had a climbing wall!

It was really windy and we almost lost Callen on the way back to the car! Luckily he found a tree to hold on to.

May 18th – Carina is starting to dress herself and pick out her hairstyle.  She loves to write and draw.  Here she has settled into a corner to do some “work”. Too bad mommy’s camera wouldn’t cooperate with her to take a good picture.

May 22nd – We competed in our first 5k race!  That’s 3.1 miles!  Well, actually mommy pushed us in the double jog stroller while she ran in the stroller division of the Dino Dash.  Afterward, we got to have our faces painted for the first time ever.  Callen got a dinosaur and Carina got a butterfly. We also got to eat popsicles, play in sand, and get tatoos.  Talk about some seriously dirty fun!

May 26 – Some other new tricks we learned this month: Carina has been practicing chewing gum without swallowing it, and Callen has been toying with the idea of peeing in the big potty!

And finally, we got to eat something from our garden that we actually like.  Green Beans!