Carina's first class picture - not sure where the other five boys were!

Carina is finishing up her first semester as a preschooler.  It has been very interesting to watch her grow and adapt to preschool life.  She brings home art almost every day, learns new tunes in music class, and gets stamps on her hands on the days she gets to go to creative movement class.  When she started in January, she was the only girl in a class of 10 boys.  Now there is another girl, but Carina’s teacher reports that Carina still prefers to play with the boys.  One boy is particularly fond of Carina, and we get daily reports of whether Brady was a “good guy” or “bad guy”.  On days when Brady is a “bad guy”, he might dump mulch in her hair at recess or push her at story time.  I explained to Carina that when a boy makes a girl scream, it’s just because he likes her. (Brady is the one in the sweater vest in the front row in the picture above)

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Carina’s classroom for a Mother’s Day tea.  It was fun to see Carina and all her classmates interact with each other.  (I giggled when I heard Brady tell Carina he loved her – I think he was a little jealous of me being there.) Carina was very excited to have me in her classroom, and was equally excited to have pink lemonade and cookies for a snack. Carina’s teachers, Miss Katie and Miss Lisa, had decorated the kids’ tables with flowers, a table cloth and colorful plates and napkins.  Each mom received a gift – an apron with our child’s hand prints and our initial at the top – it was the perfect mothers day gift, as Craig had just informed me the day before that he does not like the apron I’ve been using.   Unfortunately, the camera battery went dead, so I didn’t get any pictures of this special day, but I’ll always remember my first Mother’s Day tea!