We’ve already had our first stint of 85+ degree weather here, so it seems like a good time to post the pictures from back in February, when we enjoyed not one, but two fairly heavy snow falls here in the mid-south.

We nearly missed the first blanket of snow (which was really more ice, and actually fell at the end of January), because we were on vacation in Florida.  By the time we got home and got around to taking some pictures, all that was left was a patch of ice on the deck.  However, Carina very badly wanted to make a snowman because she had seen the ones that her friend Amelie had in her yard.  So, we did our best.

This picture makes me laugh, because Carina is saying, “Hurry up, Mom, we’re freezing our booties off,” and Callen is eating what was originally meant to be the snowman’s nose.  Oddly enough, the final version of the snowman’s face was fashioned out of things that I found in my coat pocket.  Actually, it’s kind of gross the more I think about it.

Here the kids are digging in the “snow” with shovels and buckets that were digging in sand the week before.  I remember that the irony was physically painful.

Then, on February 8, the real fun began. The big, wet flakes fell and fell and fell. The snow was so heavy that it collapsed the awning/tent thingy we had over our patio table and tossed it to the ground below.

So, we bundled up and headed out to make a big, wet snowman.

And then, all of a sudden, Carina realized that she was cold, and wet, and ready to go inside.  And she was sad, despite her amazing “snow goggles”.

And Callen nearly got lost in the wintery wonder-land.

So we finished up our grand snow-man, who lasted nearly a week, and headed inside to get warm and dry. (you should really click the picture below to enlarge it so you can see Callen’s facial expression)

So, there you go.  When the mercury starts to rise this summer, feel free to head on over to this post to cool off.