This year Carina and Callen really enjoyed the Easter egg hunting fun.  They both were more tuned in to the concept of hunting eggs, but maybe that’s because we have been doing egg hunts all winter as an indoor playtime activity, and we also did a dinosaur egg hunt for Callen’s birthday.  Anyhow, we attended a few different events.  Here is our photo record of Easter 2010:

This hunt was at a big football field, and they dropped the eggs out of a helicopter! That was pretty cool, but it turned into mass chaos when kids starting running onto the field before the helicopter was finished dumping.  Parents had been instructed to keep their kids off the field until the signal was given to go on the field, but that did not happen, resulting in some kids with tons of eggs in their baskets (them) and some kids with no eggs (us).  But, a few kids came over after the hunt and gave our kids some of their eggs.  So, although the intentions of this event were really nice and well organized, the end result was one part teachable moment and three parts “how do I raise good kids when I’m surrounded by idiots?”

Moving on. The pictures below are from our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  Every year it is a wonderful, well-run event.  This year was no exception.

Look, Mom!  Eggs!

I love this picture because it was taken just after Carina crawled into a bush to get a well hidden egg and then gave it to a smaller child who didn’t have as many eggs as she did.  Maybe a lesson learned from the previous hunt?  Really, though, my girl has a naturally compassionate soul.

Callen is crying because I am taking all the melted chocolate out of his eggs. It’s tough being such a mean mommy.

Carina loving on the Easter Bunny

Callen trying to “blend in” to Daddy in the hopes that the Easter bunny won’t see him.

This next series of pictures is classic.

Easter morning, the kiddos were very excited to see what Mr. Bunny had left for them in their baskets.  Behold!

Chocolate bunnies and band aids are always a big hit.

The Cadbury eggs, not so much.  That’s ok.  Mommy is happy to eat them!

Except that one.  Somehow spit-melted chocolate is not attractive, no matter who made it and what’s inside.