When Callen turned two, he moved up to “the big kid room” at PDO.  He was so excited!  I was sad that he wouldn’t be in with his teachers, Miss Tracey and Miss Rebecca, but we still see them most days on our way down the hall.  Now that Callen is in with the big kids, he gets to take naps on a mat instead of a crib, go outside for play time, and DO ART!

Callen’s first piece of school art: Crayon scribbles with sponge-stamp pig on construction paper.

Of course, Callen has been doing some art at home, too.  His favorite medium is marker.  After he bites the pointy part of the marker tip off, he slams it down on the paper hard enough so that the ink splatters out.  He repeats this process several times with various colors.  He adds in some scribble for balance, and proclaims, “BOOM-Flower!”, which is his word for fireworks.