Two years ago today, at 12:25am, Callen Orion was born.  For about the first hour of his life, he did this:

and as the drugs wore off, I pondered how I was going to deal with a crier as a second child.  I was scared.

But, then they moved us upstairs, and as soon as they started to wheel his little bassinet out of the room and down the hallway, he was more like this:

and I realized he just wanted to MOVE.  Little did we know.

In a month or so, he got cute, and grinny.

I’m still thankful for that on a daily basis.

At 6 months he started eating solids

any kind of solid

and figuring out ways to MOVE all by himself

At a year old, he started having serious conversations

and perfecting the art of making messes

Around 18 months he really started to get inquisitive

and learned to plan ahead.

And now, he is two.

and although he really is not much of a crier, he still is cute and grinny, likes to be on the move, eats LOTS of solids, makes lots of messes, and has tons to say.  He’s inquisitive, adventuresome, and afraid of nothing.  And I am still scared.

We celebrated Callen’s birthday at our neighborhood park with about 50 of our closest friends.  The party theme was Dinosaur Train, which is currently Callen’s favorite TV show (it airs on PBS).  We had tons of fun, and Callen was excited to receive his new friend, Kota the dino, as his birthday gift.  (Daddy scored it off of Craig’s list!)  Pictures from the birthday party are posted out on our photo share site at

Happy Birthday Callen!