Carina has been saying some pretty funny stuff lately.  Below are three conversations I’ve had with her over the past few weeks.

Mommy Meeting
At the beginning of February Craig was out of town, so I had a planning meeting for MOMcation at our house after the kids went to bed.  Carina kept getting up, so I finally caved and put her in mommy and daddy’s bed.  As I was carrying her into our room, she caught a glimpse of the moms gathered in the dining room.

“Why are those mommies here?”  she asked, as I laid her in our bed.

“Because we’re having a mommy meeting, Carina.”

“Why are you having a mommy meeting?” [pause while I tried to think of a simple answer] “Because daddy’s not home?”

That night, as I was getting into bed, I smiled at the sight of her.  She was sleeping (or so I thought) on her back with both hands tucked behind her head, her round little tummy sticking out between the shirt and pants of her polka-dot pajamas.  Just as I turned the light off, I heard her little voice in the darkness. “I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you, too, Carina.”

“Is the Mommy meeting over?”


“Good.  Mommies talk loud.”

The Big Nice Bed
Grandpa Stan came to visit us during the second week in February.  We had not seen him for a very long time, so Carina and Callen were both very excited when he arrived.  Carina insisted on showing him her bedroom.  On the way down the stairs, she told Grandpa, “We’re going to see my room.  AND we have a big nice bed for you to sleep in that hasn’t been peed in!”

What Grandpa didn’t know is that Carina has been having some problems with her pull-ups leaking at night, and she’s left wet spots in her big bed, her toddler bed, and even mommy and daddy’s bed.  So, she was well aware that the guest bed is the only bed with a clean record.

Babies in Bellies
On Presidents Day, the kids and I went to the morning Stroller Strides fitness class.  It was a fairly full class, and included three women who are in their second or third trimester of pregnancy.  Toward the end of the class, Carina and Callen were getting restless, so I was asking them to find different kids and mommies in the room and talk about what color stroller they had, or what they were wearing.  I pointed out each of the expectant mothers.

Me: “Carina, see Miss Tracy?”

C: “Yes. She’s over there.”

Me: “Did you know Miss Tracy has a baby in her belly?”

C: “No!”

Me: “See Miss Ariel way over there by Abbey?  She has a baby in her belly.”

C: “Oh!”

Me:  “And see Miss Allison right there?  She has a baby in her belly too!”

C: [softly with concern] “But, why did she eat the baby?”