This one is my favorite.  When we were on the Disney Cruise, Carina spent a couple hours in the kid’s club almost every day.  One day we went to pick her up, and she didn’t want to leave without getting her “art”.  She directed us to a card table in the corner that was OVERFLOWING with coloring sheets and other crafts.  Carina told us that she had colored “an einstein” which narrowed it down to a stack of about 100 Little Einstein’s coloring pages.  She was having trouble identifying which one was hers, and none of them had names on them.  But then, I found this one, and I knew it was hers.  Just before we left on the cruise, Carina had been practicing writing her name – I recognized the backwards C and the “A”s that look like “H”s!

This is a fun mixed-media piece that Carina made all by herself.  She’s getting quite creative!

We had a kid-friendly Super Bowl Party.  We covered the dining table with craft paper and let the kids loose with washable markers. It turned out to be VERY colorful!