In December, Carina “graduated” from her parents day out program.

Carina's diploma from St. Margaret's Parents Day Out

I was a little sad, because she loved her teachers and friends there.  But, we all agreed she was ready for the next step – preschool!  So, in January she started at Asbury UMC’s Early Childhood Development Center.  Carina seems to like her new school.  She goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  Every morning on those days, she tells me she doesn’t want to go to school, but when it comes time to go, she is happy and excited, and almost always reports that she had a good day after school.  She hasn’t mentioned the fact that she is the only girl in her class (10 boys!) even once, so I’m assuming it doesn’t concern her.  It concerned me a bit at first, but I’m over it.  Each week she learns about a new letter of the alphabet, attends music and creative movement class, and has show and tell.  There’s certainly a lot more artwork to hang on the wall in the hall.

Carina’s friend, Amelie, goes to Asbury as well, so we have been carpooling.  Amelie’s mom, Liz, has gotten the short end of the stick on the deal, since I can’t fit both girls when I also have Callen.  It certainly has been a huge help to me, though, since Mondays and Wednesdays can be a little crazy with two kids at two different schools with two different schedules.  Liz and I both agree that it is fun to haul the two girls to and from school because of the conversations they have with one another.  Here’s an excerpt from an email Liz sent me about the very first car-ride Carina and Amelie shared on their way to school:

“Carina was great and the car ride was a hoot. I rarely get to hear a conversation between two 3 year olds and it was Very amusing. Here is some of it: ” Carina, look at that big truck!” “Amelie, that’s a garbage truck.” We drive past the skatium, “Carina, that is where people skate.” “I know, I have gone there.” – “Ms. Liz are you a fast driver?”  I told her that I sometimes was but when I have 2 kids in the car, I am extra careful. So, I then asked Carina if her parents were fast drivers and she told me – No, they are slow drivers – after a thought – well, sometimes they are fast. Amelie pipes in – “Mommy, you need to slow down.”  The discussion was then about going to the gym to ride bikes and seeing each other there. We then discussed what each other had for breakfast and when Amelie said oatmeal and krispie rice, Carina asked if she could have some krispie rice too.  It was really cute. When they got out of the car they held hands and walked up to the door together – so sweet.”

Carina gets really upset on the days that Amelie doesn’t ride to and/or from school with her.  There have been several times when she has cried when I pick her up because she wanted Miss Liz to pick her up.  I think we’re going to have trouble in the fall when Callen starts going to Asbury’s 2 year old program and we can no longer carpool with Liz and Amelie.

Carina and Amelie applying their new preschool art skills.