The Wall in the Hall

Some of the art has been through rough times this month.  Callen managed to get his hot little hands on a step stool, and stepped right up to an art-ripping escapade!  You also might notice that our wall in the hall is in need of a paint job.  Here are the favorites:

Carina's Farm Animals

Craig asked her to draw a farm, and this is what she came up with.  Immediately after showing it to me, she wadded it up and stuffed it in her art backpack.  Yikes!

Scribbles on Torn Plate

I believe this is the first appearance of Callen art on the Wall in the Hall.  As you can see, he’s a big fan of tearing art.  He’s been scribbling for a while, but this was his true art piece, done at the last library storytime we attended before I decided that Callen was too wild and crazy for a 45 minute storytime.

Smelly Art

This one cracks me up.  Apparently the kids at PDO were coloring with smelly markers, and then the teachers would label each color with what it smelled like, according to the child.  So, orange smells, well, orange.