On our second day in Virginia, we went to Baltimore and visited a children’s museum called Port Discovery.  Bachan, Uncle Shawn, and cousin Sarah came with us.  This museum is a great place for kids – very age appropriate for preschoolers AND toddlers!

Riding a horse in the cowboy exhibit

Callen wrastlin' a steer

Ridin' and Ropin' - Callen seems concerned about the cow's neck.

There was a huge 3-story climbing structure that Uncle Shawn helped the girls climb.

A Dramatic Ball Pit Rescue

Painting Rocks with water - the girls could have done this for hours!

In the bubble maker

Serving up some Good EATS!

Callen pulled a little trick while we were at Port of Discovery.  Craig noticed that he was very interested in this long African drum that was propped up on the floor, and then suddenly, he was gone!  Carina reported that Callen was inside of the drum.  When I bent over to look, sure enough, there were his feet sticking out of the bottom of the drum.  I tried to pull him out, but he fought back!  Only Callen.

Before we had kids, Craig and I took at least one picture like this everywhere we went.  This one is in the harbor in Baltimore.