This year we visited Craig’s family in Woodbridge, VA over Thanksgiving week.  After a very non-eventful and happy plane trip, we went to Bachan’s house to have Thanksgiving dinner, celebrate an early Christmas, and visit with Bachan, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Becky, and cousins Max and Sarah.  Carina and Callen were very excited to meet their new cousin, Max, who was born on November 4th.  Since the day he was born, Carina asked us every day if we could go to Max’s house.  Bachan cooked a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner for us, after which we rested in the living room while we watched the kids open their Christmas presents.

Gathered around the table

Playing our new Elefun! game with Uncle Shawn

Bachan likes to get lots of family pictures, so we tried really hard to get the kids to hold still for a group picture.  Max did much better than the other three kids.

Poor Max also had to endure some toddler-handling for a picture of the cousins all together.  I love this picture though.