101_1196 Yesterday morning, Carina did her first 1k run.  She always begs to run with me, and loves to chase and be chased, so I thought she would love this.  Craig has actually been yearning to sign her up for a kids run for quite some time.  So, when I came across the “Little Giblet” kids run a couple weeks ago, I signed her up.  We talked about it a little, did a few practice runs, and anticipated her excitement on the big day.

In the end, what we got is what my friend Charlotte would call “anticipointment”.  The day before the run, Carina started saying she didn’t want to do it.  We figured we would head on out to the park anyway and see what happened.  About fifteen minutes before the run, she seemed happy and excited (see picture, left).

On the starting line, surrounded by tons of kids both older and younger, she seemed a bit nervous and intimidated.  She wanted me to hold her and would not let go of my hand.  Understandable.

The run started, and she ran with everyone else, but she had her serious face on.  Then, she saw Craig with the camera and flashed him a big smile and a wave.


Hi Daddy!

I thought we were golden.  It went down hill from there.  About 30 yards into the race, she stopped running and said she was too tired.  I fairly well dragged her the rest of the way.  At one point she even rode on my shoulders. She asked if we could stop and see the ducks.  She asked if we could get the balloons tied to the light poles.  I tried really hard to remember that she’s only three.

Meanwhile, Craig and Callen worked on some action sequences for their next movie.  I think you’ll agree, we’ve got a very talented father/son – director/actor team.

Carina did run the last 10 feet to the finish line, then, after crossing the finish line, ran a good stretch to get to Craig. So, perhaps she is going to be one of those race spectator/casual jog through the park type girls.  Honestly, I think it’s a little early to tell.

Afterward, the kids had fun playing with the big balloons and people watching.  This experience certainly was not what we expected, but that’s what happens when you have kids.


Balloons are more fun that running!


Medal, check. Baloon, check. Let's go home.