eyeTonight, we were all together in the truck, running an errand.  Carina was sitting in her car seat, playing with Callen’s toy hammer.

C: What can I fix mommy?

Me: I don’t know, Carina.  What’s broken?

C:  I don’t know.  Do you?

Me: No.  Your car seat, maybe?

A few minutes later…

C: I’m fixing my eye, mommy.

I turn and see her with the prong end of the toy hammer jammed into her eye.

Me:  Oh, was your eye broken?

C: Yes, it was all cracked.  But I’m fixing it.  I’m getting a new eye.

Me:  Huh.  Where do you get a new eye?

C:  I put change in my car seat, and a new eyeball comes out.  See, now it’s all fixed.  Is my new eyeball beautiful?

Me:  Yes Carina, your new eyeball is beautiful. (as Craig cracks up laughing in the passenger seat…)

These are the days, folks.