I often wonder to myself what the kids will be when they grow up.  I have no preference or requirements, as long as they are happy with what they are doing.  The other day when we were at the playground, Callen kept kissing me through the vertical bars of the stairway up to the slide.  I hoped that this was not some sort of foreshadowing to a future of incarceration.  Carina sometimes jumps and shouts and twirls in ways that make me double-cross my fingers and silently wish that she doesn’t become a cheerleader. But, then my kids do things like spending an hour playing with the play doctor kit, or painting beautiful pictures, or making observations that amaze me and reassure me that something brilliant is on the horizon for them.

And then, sometimes, in spurts and phases, certain talents come to the forefront of daily activities.  So, here, for your enjoyment, is a movie featuring Carina’s latest passion – singing songs that make no sense in an Operatic style.  At about the 18 second mark, you can make out Carina singing the words “the bee stings the baby” and then you’ll see Callen look up suddenly and turn to his sister with obvious shock.  He often plays the back-up singer and comedic relief to her drama, and here we have it in top form.