A couple weeks ago when we returned home from a trip to Grandma’s, I noticed the wooden back scratcher that we brought back from Hawaii for the kids sticking out of the trash.  I knew that Craig had thrown it away because it is always laying around, and often becomes a weapon in the hands of Callen.

A few hours later I was sitting on the couch with Craig, when I noticed Carina standing next to the arm of the couch.  Her head was tilted forward, brow furrowed, and she was glaring at us out of the top of her eye sockets.  Her lower lip was pooched out in a pout/frown combo, and she had the back scratcher resting on one shoulder like a woodsman’s axe.  “Who threw my stick in the trash?”  she growled.  I tried really hard not to laugh as I ratted out her father by simply pointing at him.  Craig started to apologize through stifled giggles, but Carina spoke over him with a commanding voice.  “Daddy, THAT is NAUGHTY.  You need to go in the CORNER!”  Hilarious laughter ensued from all three of us.

Yesterday, Carina, Callen, and I were on the way home from school in Craig’s truck.  Carina asked to listen to Brian Kinder, a local children’s musician who Carina is nearly obsessed with.  Here’s how that conversation went:

Carina:  Can we listen to Brian Kinder?

Me:  I don’t know where Brian Kinder is.

Carina:  Why not?  Where is he?

Me:  Daddy hid him somewhere.  I don’t know.

Carina:  Why did daddy hid my Brian Kinder away?  Is that naughty?

Me: No, Carina.  I just said he hid it because that means he put it somewhere, and I don’t know where he put it, so it’s hidden. I will look for it when we get home.

Carina: Did he throw it in the trash?

Me:  No, I’m sure he didn’t throw it in the trash.

Carina: Why?

Me:  Because that would not be very nice.

Carina:  Well, he threw my stick in the trash.

I didn’t know how to respond.  I was sure to tell Craig about it though.  I thought he should know that there’s someone keeping a close watch on him.