On nearly a daily basis, we get inquiries into our children’s appearance: why are they so blonde, where did the blue eyes come from, who do they look like, were Craig or I blonde when we were little, are they twins, are they adopted, and so on and so forth.  Even I myself am often amazed when I look into the faces of my children and start to ponder how it is that they came from my own gene pool.  When they are quiet and I really have a chance to examine their features, I sometimes see Craig’s nose or my lips.  But, the next time I get a good long look, the resemblances of those same features have changed.  So, here’s a little side by side comparison.  The first picture is of me somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 or 3 years old.  Next is Callen at around 17 months and Carina at nearly 3 years.  Then, Craig, also in the neighborhood of 3 years old.


We would love to have your comments on what -you- think about who looks like who, etc…