Craig had the day off of work yesterday, so he took Carina fishing at Lake Maumelle.  Craig picked out a nice, Carina-sized fishing pole for her birthday and she’s been excited to try it out (beyond casting it in the living room or off the deck).  They didn’t catch any fish, but still had fun.  They did see some fish, which was probably more happy and less traumatic for Carina than actually hooking one.


Meanwhile, Callen and I had a playdate with his buddy Abbey.  Callen has been especially fond of Abbey since the day he met her.  She is 1/4 Japanese just like he is.  Yesterday he surprised us by saying Abbey’s name for the first time:  “Abba!”.  When I asked Callen to stand next to Abbey so i could take their picture, he thought that something more personal was in order.  It’s so fun to watch not only our kids grow up, but to also see our friends’ kids turn from babies into toddlers and preschoolers.