We  have a lot of new friends in Arkansas who like to hang out on our deck.  I’ve already written about Jack, the psychotic cardinal, who is still around, but is less aggressive toward our windows these days. Craig installed a bird feeder on the deck a couple months ago that is not only drawing lots of birds, but also a furrier friend – a Raccoon!  He visits at night and has gotten less and less scared of us.  He and Craig are locked in a battle of wits, as Craig is continually making adjustments to the bird feeder in an effort to raccoon-proof it, but the little masked bandit still manages to get his fill of seeds from time to time.  This picture is an early one, before Craig started moving the bird feeder around.


We also have some really fun geckos and lizards out on the deck.  They like to hang out and wait for bugs to bounce off of the windows, and then the feast begins!  Here is a short video of one showing off his red throat, and you’ll see Callen showing you where to look.