On our last morning in Hawaii, I found myself struggling with not wanting to leave, and being very anxious to get home to the kiddos.  We spent the morning getting packed up, buying some last minute suveniers, and stealing one last hour relaxing on the beach in two chaises that were pitched at a rather odd angle. I also, as seemed to be the theme on this trip, ran around the resort snapping last minute pictures because I had shirked my duties otherwise.   You can see all of our Hawaii pictures on our shutterfly share site at http://4rechs.shutterfly.com/ There are 184 pictures there, so have fun with that.

Our flights left Maui at 2pm on Wednesday, arrived LAX at 10:15pm, departed LAX at 12:15am, arrived DFW at 5:00am, departed DFW at 6:45am, and arrived LIT at 8am.  Needless to say, jumping forward in time 5 hours overnight with two layovers isn’t really fun.  BUT, we stopped by the house for an hour to downsize the luggage and check the mail, and then headed north to retrieve the wee ones.

I will never forget the extreme swing of emotion in our children, as they were moved from waving and smiling blankly, to realizing mommy and daddy were back, to balling uncontrollably.  It made me cry a little too.  One problem with having two kiddos is that it’s hard to hug them both at the same time as tightly as you want to sometimes.  It was a wonderfull, much needed trip, and it was good to be home.

I am thankful to Grandma and Papa for taking care of our kids for a whole week.  They wear me out on a daily basis, but as usual, my mother took them on with the grace and natural mothering ability that I was so lucky to be nurtured by as a child, and that I now aspire to as a mother myself.