On Friday and Saturday of our trip, Craig was pretty much tied up in conference sessions.  We did get in an early morning run down the beach and onto the “main drag” of Waikiki before he dashed off to the conference center on Friday morning.  However, I still had lots of fun, because I got to spend time with my cousins Linsey, Eric, and Ellianna.  Eric is stationed in Pearl Harbor with the Navy, so it was great to see them and have our own personal tour guides.  On Friday we wandered around the resort, visited the resident Penguins, ate some lunch in this classic seaside “tavern” at the sailing marina (complete with water dripping from the ceiling, low lighting, and really good clam chowder), and of course, we played at the beach.  Ellianna helped me get my “toddler fix” so I didn’t miss my own kids so badly.  After Craig finished his education, Eric and Linsey took us to LuLu’s for dinner, where we had great food and listened to a local live band.

On Saturday Craig finished his conference sessions up a little earlier, and Linsey, Eric, and Ellianna took us to the north shore.  The whole island of Oahu is very beautiful, and it was interesting to drive across the middle of the island and see the mountains, farms, and small towns along the way.  We stopped at a beach that is frequented by sea turtles seeking out a great patch of sand to bask in the sun on.  There was one turtle there (and lots of onlookers!). After that, we snorkeled in Shark’s cove, which had lots of really beautiful tropical fish, including the humuhumunukunukuapua’a which is Hawaii’s state fish (also known as a Hawaiian Triggerfish).  The beach was a little rocky and rough getting in and out, but we agreed that it was another great snorkeling foray (even better than our first, except we didn’t see a sea turtle).  Afterwards we went and had shave ice.  I had ice cream underneath my shave ice which was very yummy, and Craig had some sort of sweet bean under his which I did not think was very yummy, but he liked it.  We had to have the shave ice before dinner because the shave ice places run on island time. It was just a little past 6:00, and they locked the doors behind us when we left.  Finally, we went to a local pizza place in the town of Haleiwa for dinner.  The pizza was great, and I couldn’t believe how well behaved Elli was considering how late it was.  Thank you, Linsey, Eric, and Elli for spending time with us and showing us around!