Now that summer is here, our back yard has come alive.  My favorite spot in the whole house is on the love seat in front of our big windows, where I can see everything that is going on both inside and out.  It is a wonderfully entertaining mix of backyard wildlife antics and indoor toddler hi jinx.  Lately, the animals have been working hard to keep my attention.  As a one better to our wayward waxwings, we now have a male Cardinal named Jack who really needs no introduction:

This madness has gone on for about 5 days now, although the heavy rains of the past two days have slowed his attacks somewhat.  I Googled “male cardinal repeatedly flying into window” and found that this is a fairly common occurrence.  Best guesses are that Jack thinks his reflection is another male cardinal and is defending his turf.  When Carina hears Jack bouncing off the window she says, “Oh no! That Clazy Wed Buwd is BACK!”  That is why we named our cardinal Jack – because we always know when he is back! (and because I’d love it if he would hit the road!)