A few months ago I won a certificate for 5 free classes at The Little Gym in a silent auction. We decided that it would be a great opportunity for Craig and Callen to have some father-son time, since they had a 8am Saturday class for Callen’s age group.  Callen really surprised and amazed us with his love for the gym, or “baby school” as we call it when Carina is around.  We bought him five more weeks of classes for his birthday, and were excited when they allowed all the kids in Callen’s class to come twice a week. Callen absolutely loves to run around on the big mats and climb on all the equipment, all while socializing with kids his age and flirting with all the adults.  At first, he did not want to tuck his head down to do a somersault, but he quickly mastered that skill and many more!  He is so much fun to watch. He likes to hang from the rings and roll a big foam octagon (called a hot dog) around, but his favorite is chasing the bubbles and bouncy balls at the end of each class.  Right now we are on hiatus from the gym because our next several weeks are a little crazy, but we are looking forward to getting back to The Little Gym this summer.

Callen practicing his jumping and trying to get a head start on playing on the equipment

(Craig is not in these pictures because he was out of town at a dental conference this particular weekend.)