We took a day trip to Hot Springs on March 22nd.  For only being an hour away, it was a bit of a nightmare trip with unhappy kids both on the way down and the way back, but somewhere in the middle, we visited an alligator farm that made everybody happy…except, probably, PETA.

It was a beautiful day, and although we were a little disappointed to learn that the alligators were hibernating, we had already paid our admission and had been dealt our handful of sandwich bread, so into the “zoo” we went.  In addition to the alligators, who were actually awake and moving around in their shallow ponds, there were several other animals on the grounds: turkeys, turtles, goats, a donkey, deer, and a mountain lion who made it quite obvious that she wanted to eat Callen.  We had strict orders to deal our sandwich bread out to the goats and other hoofed animals before moving on the the alligator house. Carina really enjoyed feeding the goats and deer, but was aggravated with the baby goats, who wouldn’t let her near.  Carina wasn’t afraid of any of the animals, and just took them all in, one by one.  She even petted a small alligator that one of the handlers “caught”.  She said the alligator felt like a lemon. Here’s a video:

Callen didn’t seem too concerned by any of the animals either. He happily pointed at all the alligators, and didn’t really say much about anything else. However, Craig and I felt a little threatened by the huge mountain lion who did not take her eyes off of Callen as he wheeled by in his stroller.  Luckily, our little man cub didn’t seem to notice.