Over the past couple months, Carina, Callen and Craig have been on TV twice to talk about teeth-related issues.

First, all three of them made an appearance on channel 7’s morning show, which, I might add, is LIVE!  The piece was about how to brush your child’s teeth. You’ll want to watch the video twice – once to watch Carina’s hi-jinx (including shaking her head “no” at me as I stand off-camera and order her to behave), and again to watch Callen’s stunts.  What an adventure.

Then, Callen and Craig did a piece for THV channel 11 on teething.  Craig took Callen to the hospital for this shoot while I took Carina to storytime, so the “mom” that you see in the video is not me. Here is the link to the story, video, and photos:


So, there you go.  All you ever wanted to know about brushing and teething, brought to you by the Rechkemmers.  (Good job, Dr. Craig!)