Callen is one.  We can’t believe it, and yet,  it is hard to think back to the time when we weren’t a family of four.  Callen is not a baby anymore, and that is a bittersweet pill for me to swallow.  He’s up and walking, no, running. He’s sworn off  baby food and eats only what we eat, and preferably only what he can feed to himself.  He is already so independent.  He shakes his head yes and no, and says “tankye” (thank you).  When one of us says, “Where’s Callen?”  He comes running from his hiding place and says, “Deh ee eesss!” (There he is!).  Unless he is teething, he is a happy, happy little guy, although he has recently started letting his opinion be known.  He is a squealer at times – I often refer to him as “bottle rocket baby”. He is a cuddler and a flirt.  He loves to be held by women he has never met before, and to mingle in large crowds of people. He is still a huge fan of his pacifier, and of cheese, bananas, his Baby Einstein DVD, and most of all, going to The Little Gym.  He likes to chase Carina through the house, and run circles around stationary objects, like the yellow chair in his room and the island in the kitchen.  He is FINALLY sleeping through the night.  He has seven teeth, with his upper molars and two more lower front teeth on the way in.  He has a skinned knee and bruised shins, a runny nose and peanut butter in his hair, an infectious laugh and the saddest, most pitiful cry I have ever heard.  He is all of this and he is only one.  I can not even begin to imagine how much more he will be over the next several years.  Thank you, Callen, for picking us to be your family.

On March 7th, the day after his birthday, we had a party at our house for Callen.  It was a wonderful day, and we were so glad to have so many great friends and family there to share it with.  Below are pictures and a couple videos from the big day.