A few months ago I purchased a yoga DVD and mat on super clearance at Target.  When I tried to get Carina to do the exercieses with me during Callen’s nap one day, she would have no part of it and kept telling me to “tops” (stop).  However, a few weeks later, she drug the mat out of the closet and said, “I do exercises!”  She loves doing yoga poses on the mat, many of which she has modified to fit her extreme flexibility.  She also demands that I put the Yoga DVD on the TV, and she actually follows along.  Last weekend her buddy Zach came to play for a few hours, and she had him doing the “exercises” too.  Then, last night, she roped Craig into a session. She said, “Daddy, you yike yoga?”  Craig said yes, and Carina said, “good.  I yike it too.”