We have been having major sleep issues in our house for the past few weeks.  Apparently the kids had a meeting when I wasn’t looking and decided that 5:30am would be a good new wake-up time.  Never mind that it’s still dark outside.  Carina comes to the bedside and says, “mom, my sun up!”  I don’t know where “her” sun is located, but I guess that’s just further proof that she comes from another galaxy…she is a super hero you know.

In addition to the 5:30am wake up time, Callen has also continued with his 4am first breakfast schedule.  The pediatrician assures me that this is certainly a possible legitimate demand for a person his age.  He also has four teeth descending simultaneously from his upper gums, including one that broke through the gums last night, so that has added additional wake-ups to the pm schedule.

Another fun twist that Carina has added into all this is that she has been waking up at about 10:30 or 11:00 every night and trying to get in bed with us.  I always return her to her room, or to the guest bedroom, so that she feels like a big girl in the big bed, but she is generally not happy to be slumbering solo.

Two nights ago, Craig had put Carina to bed around 7:30.  At 9:30, I decided to change into my PJs before we started watching The Biggest Looser, which is my mindless show of choice these days.  I went in the bedroom, flipped the light on, and in the words of baby bear, thought to myself, “Someone has been sleeping in my bed, and she’s still there!”

Goldilocks finds a spot that is Just Right

Goldilocks finds a spot that is Just Right

So, in order to get to our bed, Carina came out of her room, opened and closed the downstairs door, climbed the stairs, opened and shut the baby gate, went into our room, and climbed up into our bed, all while we were sitting right in the living room!  Notice, too, that she is sleeping right smack in the middle of the bed?  Oye.  She is her father’s daughter: determined, hard-headed, funny, and a bed hog.