Well, it’s been four weeks now that I’ve been playing the Grocery Game, and I have to say that it is right up my alley.  The Grocery Game is a web-based service that tracks grocery store sales as well as current manufacturers’ coupons to generate a weekly list of what the best grocery item deals and steals are.

I originally found out about The Grocery Game from a friend of a friends blog. I visited the Grocery Game website and then posted the link on the local Moms Like Me website to see if there were any local gamers.   No one responded, but the site producer called The Grocery Game people and landed me a free trial. So now I am the local guinea pig for all the Moms Like Me mommies who wanted to see if The Grocery Game really works. I keep a running thread on the Moms Like Me site where myself and several other mommies post their advice and progress on playing The Grocery Game.  Last week, the tv station that owns the Moms Like Me site ran a 5pm news segment on it, starring yours truly.   (Ah, viral marketing…)

So, does it work?  Oh, yes, it does.  I have had great success with this.  I’ve bought more groceries for less money than ever before in my life.  My pantry is full.  My freezer is full.  It’s so much easier to decide what to cook for dinner!  Here are my savings for the first four weeks:

Kroger Totals: Spent $479.62, Saved $445.31 (48%)
Walgreens Totals: Spent $133.87, Saved $179.88 (57%)

Each week my savings percentage gets lower at Kroger and I have to buy less because I’m stocking up  (last week’s savings was 64%).  Since Craig loves to save money just like me, he is excited about this as well.  The first time I brought a receipt home and showed him he was impressed.  I didn’t really pay attention to what his exact reaction was, but the next day, Carina picked up my receipt and said, “pretty coo.  Dat awesome!” and put it back down.  So, that must be what Craig said.  : )