Ready to go!

Ready to go!

We took our first official visit to Petit Jean (pronounced exactly how it’s spelled, non francais, sil vous plait!) State Park today with our friends the Rueds as our guides. It’s only about an hour and half drive from Little Rock, and the kids napped on the way there.  We had beautiful weather, happy kids, and great fun enjoying the wonderful scenery as we marched down the Cypress Falls trail with our new friends.

The trail starts at a lodge at the top of the mountain, and quickly cascades down the side of a steep hill with a series of switchbacks built with natural stone steps. Then, it flattens out before crossing a stream and turning right and following alongside it, so that you can walk to the rhythms of rushing water. The trail ends at Cypress Falls, which was churning out quite a bit of water and icing over the rock face behind it the day we were there. It made an excellent backdrop for a snack in the afternoon sun.

We had lots of comments from other hikers because we all (except Monika) had kids strapped to our backs.   This was definitely another Arkansas Outing that we highly recommend!

Blog Update: Since I posted this, Monika decided to do a feature on our trip for a TV news segment.  Here’s a link to the story, more pictures, and a video.