Today the 4Rechs went to their first music concert as a family. It was a packed house. There was a mosh pit.  People threw things.  It was at the library.

We have been listening to CDs in the car of Brian and Terry Kinder since we moved here and started checking them out from the library.  The Kinders are a local “almost famous” couple that do really great kids songs.  Carina’s favorite is called “Kitty Kitty”. Every 3rd Friday they do a 45 minute set at the main library branch, and we finally got to take part!

When we arrived, the room was almost completely full of parents and kids.  I actually ran into two moms that I had met at the LUNA Moms Night Out the night before, so we sat near them.  Once the music started, it took Carina a while to get over her awe, but by the end she was dancing, jumping, and clapping.  Callen, on the other hand, could not contain himself from the beginning.  He screamed, squealed, shimmied, bounced, and boogied all the way through the entire thing.  I’m not sure that Craig dug the music so much, but I was glad that he got to see how much the kids love library programs.  If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeing Brian and Terry Kinder in concert, or at least picking up a CD.

Callen and the Kinders

Callen and the Kinders

Note: The mosh pit was made up of (mostly) children under the age of 5 jumping up and down, and the items being thrown were stuffed animals and snowflakes.  Brian Kinder actually chucked a big stuffed snowflake at Callen, who was standing on his own and screaming directly at Brian, and it took Callen down!  It was quite dramatic, but Callen was too pumped to care.