I cannot believe that it is mid January already.  My mom’s birthday, which stands as the mid-month marker, has come and gone.  Happy Birthday mom.  In the words of local musician Brian Kinder, “You’ve loved me all these years, but I’ve loved you all my life.”

Apparently my new years resolution should have been to take more pictures, because I have not taken hardly any so far this year.  Since I have no pictures to show anyway, I figured I could sum up the past two weeks’ activities in one entry.  Off we go.

Craig and I spent the first weekend of the year recuperating from our epic holiday journey and getting organized around the house.  Carina randomly notified me that she is a super hero, complete with left fist pointing to the sky and right arm cocked back behind her.  Callen finally busted that third lower tooth through the gums.  Golly, that was a rough one (and still is).

Monday January 5th marked the return to normalcy with school and work and such, except Callen decided to spice things up by using Carina’s little couch to climb up onto the coffee table and then do a header off of the other side.  He’s getting fast, and tricky.  Too bad he did this -after- we got home from his doctor’s visit for a checkup.

On Tuesday we went to the library for story time and then Carina’s buddy Zach came over to play afterward.  They always play very nicely together. After he left, she called him on her toy cell phone repeatedly for the rest of the week.  I’m not sure I know how to handle having a social butterfly for a daughter.

On Wednesday Callen and I went to a LUNA moms play date, where he found his first true love, Abbey, who is a little young for him at 5 months old.  Upon seeing Abbey sitting in her bumbo, Callen crawled past other kids and toys and very gently kissed Abbey right on the mouth. repeatedly.  Later, in talking with Abbey’s mom, I found out that Abbey is also a quarter ninja, thanks to her paternal grandmother, just like Callen.  Maybe they could sense it in each other.

On Friday Carina’s new friend Cole came over to play.  He is two months older than Carina and quite a hoot.  He looked at Carina and said, “get me a boy, mommy.”  I laughed and said, “you need a boy to play with Cole?”  He very seriously answered, “Yes.”  I think he and Carina had fun playing near, if not with, each other anyway.

Friday night we took the kids to family night at the IMAX theater and saw Amazing Journeys.  Callen and Carina both loved it.  Callen sat absolutely still through the whole 45 minute thing, except for when he laughed hysterically at the larger than life ducks walking around in some grass.  It was funny to watch him take it all in  – he had to actually turn his head from side to side to see everything (and we were in the very back row).

We spent last weekend taking down all the Christmas decor and packing it away.  Carina was deeply disturbed when I packed the lighted penguin back up in his styrofoam and slid him into a box.  “My Penguin!” she wailed.  Doubly upsetting was the loss of her Halloween pumpkin, which Craig finally put into the trash after its three month stay on our front porch.  Callen just wanted to eat all the bubble wrap.

Craig also managed wrangle a playset complete with two slides and a tunnel from wal-mart not for the $399 online price, not for the $349 marked on the box, not for the $299 that it rang up for at the register, but for $199!!  I was not planning on investing in a playset this month, but neither Craig or I can pass up a bargain.  Good wrangling, Daddy!

This week Carina finally let her 2 year old attitude come out at school.  She has been giving us lip (literally) for the past couple weeks, so now Miss Courtney gets it too.  If you take something of hers she sticks her lips out and says in this deep, raspy voice, “NO.  It’s Mine!”  If you tell her not to do something, she says, “Yes I do!”  If you tell her to do something, she says “No I not!” On Tuesday, I was getting her dressed and I put a pair of tights on her, and then a pair of bloomers over them.  She didn’t have her dress on yet.  She looked down and said, “what is this?” pointing at the bloomers.  I told her they were bloomers and she looked at me, did the sticky out lip thing, and said, “NO!, I’m a super hero!” complete with pointing fist and cocked arm again.

Callen has also been showing more of his opinion about things.  He likes for me to hold him and chase Carina around the house.  Yesterday, when I got tired and set him down, he fussed and turned himself around in circles on the floor.  Tonight I made the mistake of taking him out of the bathtub before Carina, so he kicked and squealed like a baby pig.  When I was putting him to bed, I kissed him on his forehead and hand like I always do, and he just laughed and laughed.  Not sure why that was so funny.

Today, Carina’s friend Amalie came to play.  It is so fun to watch the girls together because even though they are only one week apart in age, they are physical converses of each other.  Amalie is tall, well built, dark headed, dark eyed, likes to have her hair in a ponytail, and well, Carina is none of those things.  They are both excellent at finding a new “absolute most funnest toy ever” every 20 seconds though.

It should be noted that all these kids who visited us these past two weeks were nice enough to bring their mommies along with them, which makes me very happy!  I feel I have been really fortunate to have met so many great moms since we moved here.  I certainly have never felt lonely!

I am excited to see what this year holds for us.  Honestly, I am hoping for less excitement.  Craig and I were married in 2005.  Carina was born in 2006.  We moved to a new house in 2007.  Callen was born in 2008, and we moved to Little Rock.  I would like to have a year with no major life-altering events (except for selling the house in Ozark, of course).  We shall see…