Turn back all ye who seek cute kid pics or milestone news…this one’s all about the mommy!

Last weekend I went on my first (and hopefully not last) official “momcation”. I spent two restful nights in Hot Springs Village, where I rented the most awesomest little one bedroom apartment, with a private covered deck looking out over forrest and a creek in the Ouachita Mountains.  (Ok, so I know my own house looks out over forrest and creek, but it’s not the same.)

On Thursday night after Craig got home from work, I made the 1 hour drive to the Village and located my lodgings, hidden within the most twisty-turvy, funny street name ridden, non-lighted, look all alike road system I have ever experienced.  Crazy it was.  But, I’m always up for an adventure, and Gina (my car, or more specifically, the GPS unit in my car) and I made it in without a wrong turn. I settled in, made myself some dinner, watched a little TV, surfed the web, and read a non-parenting-how-to book.  It was wonderful.

I slept straight through til morning, when I woke up, had some breakfast, and then headed over to the fitness center.  I dropped in on a pilates class which was really great.  Hot Springs Village is a vacation destination (8+ lakes, two outdoor pools, fitness center, 20 miles of trail, 8 golf courses), but in the winter you will only find permanent residents there for the most part, and since the village is primarily a retirement community, I was easily the youngest person in the pilates class by 20, if not 30 years.  The pilates instructor cracked me up when she was midway through a transition to a new stretch and forgot what she was doing.  “Hold on,” she said, “I’m having a Village moment.” So I totally got my butt kicked at pilates by a bunch of seniors.  Luckily, I hopped in the hot tub later in the day, which I think took away some of my soreness.

After pilates I went back to the apartment and relaxed for a while.  Following lunch I had a great phone conversation with the founder of a website called TheGroceryGame.com.  (more about that in a later post) Then, I headed back to the fitness center to swim some laps.  I swam a few laps and then noticed a small crowd gathering for what looked to be a water aerobics class, so I jumped in on that too.  Water aerobics is very nostalgic for me because I did them a lot with my grandmother when I was a kid (she still leads a class every day, and she’s 90!), and I also took a prenatal water aerobics class when I was pregnant with Carina.  In the water aerobics class I met two “villagers”, Hettie and Margaret, who were very friendly.  These two women were both originally from Germany, and were adament that I take a certain route to get back to Little Rock.  I loved listening to their accents, first as Hettie explained to me that I needed to, “take highway nyne, and then shwing around on to Kayness street,” in order to get home, and then Margaret told me the story of how she and Hettie met, when Margaret and her husband took their “klunka” car to church and it broke down on the road, and Hettie stopped to help them.  I only wish I had a picture of me floating around in that pool with those wonderful ladies.  I swam some laps after that, and my mind kept drifting back to that movie from the 80’s, Cocoon, only in my case the “old folks” were making me feel younger instead of the other way around.

After I got back to the apartment from swimming, the property owner took me over to see a townhouse that she also rents out in the Village.  I was excited to see it so that I could keep it in mind for future visits with the family. After my tour, I cooked up some dinner and vegetated for the rest of the evening. I checked my email and found this email from Craig:

— On Fri, 12/12/08, Craig R <craig@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Craig R <craig@yahoo.com>
Subject: Some deep thoughts
To: “Fawn Warner” <zoe_44@yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, December 12, 2008, 2:36 PM

The things I learned when my wife left me with the kids (2 year-old and 9 month-old) for a few days:

1. My nine month-old poops a lot.  Somehow, more often than he eats.

2. When my two year-old says she needs to go “Potty” she means within one second after her declaration.

3. The children need to eat more than three meals a day.

4.  My nine month-old does Not sleep through the night.

5. Nap time doesn’t just happen.

6. My 9 month-old can reach the water in the toilet.

7.  Curious George is not as much curious as he is an annoying pet with a speech impediment.

8. My children are really good at climbing the Christmas tree when given the chance

9. That staying home IS really harder than going to work.

10.  I am lucky to have such an awesome wife.

Cedar Creek Trail - Morning Dove section

Cedar Creek Trail - Morning Dove section

Craig sure does know which side of the bread his butter is on!

I guess here is a good place to mention that I did not eat out during my stay.  I just went to the grocery store and bought a few groceries.  I’m not going to tell what I ate all weekend – I’ll just say that I did not read nutrition labels when shopping, and I focused on items I can’t eat at home because Carina would snark them away before I ever got a bite.  So, it’s probably good that I spent a good amount of time at the fitness center.

On Saturday I slept in longer than I thought I was capable of, and then did a trail run on the Cedar Creek Trail, which is possibly the most beautiful trail run I’ve been on in the winter time. The trail winds back and forth across the creek, so you are almost always running near the water.  After my run, I dashed back to the apartment and packed up to head home.  I was really missing my family, so I was glad when I found that the route that Hettie and Margaret sent me on really did get me back to Little Rock faster. Overall, it was a great get-away, and I think Craig and the kids did alright without me.  When I got home, Carina was running around and circles.  I stood there and waited to see her reaction to me being home after such a long time away, and when she saw me, she stopped and said, “Oh, hi mommy.  Watch me run circles,” and went back to running.  My friend Ann used to tell me that there are disadvantages to raising your children to be independent.  I just didn’t think I would be experiencing them so soon.  Thank you, Craig, for letting me get away and taking care of our children while I was gone.  I truly enjoyed my little journey.