Carina with more chocolate in her system than ever before...

Carina with more chocolate in her system than ever before...

I’m a little afraid to start this blog entry.  I knew it was coming.  At the neighborhood Halloween Carnival last Sunday I was looking forward to it.  At Boo at the Zoo on Monday night I enjoyed taking some Cu-ute pictures for it.  On Tuesday night I faltered and skipped the planned halloween festivities, rejoicing at the idea of one less paragraph in the blog entry.  On Wednesday night…I can’t even remember what we did on Wednesday night…On Thursday Carina wore her costume to school, and then Thursday night we went to Halloween story time at the library, where Carina took it up a notch by showing off her “child with ADHD” impersonation. On Friday we double-whammied it with a visit to Whole Foods for their “Whole-o-ween” party (what a let-down!), and finally, of course, the storied and more traditional hike through the neighborhood to get candy (“Turkey-Treat!”) followed by eating candy, followed by handing out candy to other kids who probably were less scared of our Halloween decorations and more scared of the sugar-charged, break dancing, two year old Goldilocks who was screeching from our front porch for “more Kiiidddsss, come here, get CAAANNNDDYYY NOW!!!”

Needless to say, Carina thoroughly enjoyed Halloween.  Callen was less impressed, but his time will come.  I can’t fully imagine what next year will be like with both of them up and moving, but I do know it will involve about 5 less events.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve decided to send you to knock on the door of our shutterfly website for our Halloween photo album, chock full of treats.  It’s quite extensive, so I didn’t want to blow our entire blog photo storage allotment.  The first part of it is primarily pictures you’ve already seen if you read my post entitled “Halloween – Part 1”. The rest is new.

Oh yeah, on Wednesday night the kids and I went to a LUNA moms playdate (in costume, of course!) at Susan R’s house.  It was great fun and great food, except for the part where Carina threw a football and knocked another mommy’s glass of red wine onto the carpeted floor, and Callen attempted to eat a piece of cheese that a kiddo dropped on the floor.  I hope I never have that many people in my house. (Susan is so brave!) I did not get any pictures because my hands were full of kids.