Our entire house is painted tan, including the ceilings, with almond trim.  We’ve been debating what to do about this, because we like white trim, and color on the walls.  Craig decided to start painting in Carina’s room because there isn’t as much trim in there as in Callen’s room (and one less door).  So, over the past two weekends and a couple weeknights in between, he’s been painting away.  Carina’s room looks so much brighter and happier now.  We still have some decorations to get up on the wall, but other than that, we can check at least one room off the to-be-painted list!

What we learned: We used two different kinds of no-VOC paint.  We like the brand Home Depot sells better than Sherwin Williams because it is less smelly, but you can get more colors from Sherwin Williams.  We WILL NOT be painting any trim in the rest of our house.  It’s too much of a pain.  We’ll just have to get used to almond.