Last Saturday we all headed out to Two Rivers park, where Craig participated in the Mud Run 5k. This was a really unique event, basically a 3 mile run with a 300 foot mud pit at the end of it.  Most runners are in costume, which makes it that much more hilarious.  Craig had a good run (dressed as a dentist) and the kids and I really enjoyed watching the event unfold.  We’ve never been to an event at 7am where everyone is so happy! Carina was a bit concerned when the first few runners entered the mud pit, saying, “Oh no! Fall down, get dirty!”  She got over it though, and went back to dancing to the music (there was a DJ) with Callen and clapping for all the mudiacs.

I would also like to mention that on Saturday night, I went to a Moms Night Out event while Craig stayed home with the kids and cleaned the whole house.  He really is daring AND dashing!