Goldilocks and Baby Bear at The WonderPlace

Goldilocks and Baby Bear at The WonderPlace

There are tons of Halloween-related events here in “The Rock”, and we kicked the festivities off Friday night at the Halloween party at The WonderPlace.  I’ve mentioned the WonderPlace several times in this blog – it is one of Carina’s favorite haunts.

Carina and Callen debued their costumes – Goldilocks and Baby Bear.  Callen’s Baby Bear was pretty straight forward – I knew I could not make a bear costume for an infant, so we went straight to Party City and purchased their bear costume.  It’s warm and cuddly and he’s an awesome Baby Bear (and I had a $5 off coupon).  On the other hand, I tried my best to “make” Carina’s costume.  I hiked all over the city looking for a flowery or frilly dress that I could use as a base to create a Goldilocks dress.  I had no luck.  Perhaps I didn’t look in the right place, but after two resale stores, TJ Max, the Mall, Target, and Old Navy, I caved and purchased a premade costume from Party City for her, too.  I was (am) still pretty proud of the concept behind the costumes.

We had great fun at The WonderPlace (as always), with Craig and I trading off holding Callen and chasing Carina.  We hung out in the restauraunt for quite a while, and then Carina took off again.  We ran into a huge group of people seated in front of the theater, and there was a witch up on the stage talking.  We thought they were doing storytime, so we sat down to watch.  As it turned out, the witch was handing out prizes for best costume.  I was a little bummed as we watched Curious George win for cutest costume, because I hadn’t seen any judges or done anything to sign the kids up for the contest. We were REALLY surprised when the witch said, “and for most original costume, Goldilocks and the Three Bears!”  My first reaction was, “oh, is there another goldilocks here?”, but it was Carina that won!  She got a halloween medal (like a race medal) and a gift certificate for free entry to The WonderPlace.

After we left Craig told me he heard two moms talking about how cute Carina’s costume was and how “Goldilocks’s mom sewed three little bears into the front of her costume.”  I feel like such a fraud, winning most original with a store bought costume, especially since people just assumed that I made it!  I tried to rationalize it: 1) Storebought or not, Goldilocks -is- a fairly rare halloween-time character. 2) There were maybe 3 kids at the party that actually had homemade costumes 3) We technically made part of her costume – her hair (from a genetic point of view), and that’s what really allows her to pull off the costume, right?.  I still feel a little fraudish though.