Ba-Chan came to visit us last weekend.  Craig’s mother was born and raised in Japan, and Ba-chan is the Japanese word for Grandmother.  Carina converted it to Ba-Chi, I guess to make it match Dad-I.  We had a very nice visit, and Carina and Callen were especially happy to spend time with Ba-Chan, since we only get to see her a few times every year. She also brought us some yummy treats from the world market, and cute Dora and Diego backpacks for Carina and Callen.  Carina really liked the Korean rice cakes, which are tube shaped and easy for her to carry around the house.

Ba-Chan’s birthday was on Friday while she was here, so we went out to eat and then came home to have birthday cake.  We have to find a few more sushi places in town, since the one we were aiming for was closed, and we didn’t know where else to go!  We found a dimsum restauraunt in the same shopping center and went there instead.

We drug Ba-Chan all over Little Rock and wore her out really a lot before we sent her back home.  Ba-Chan took lots of walks around our neighborhood, where Carina introduced her to the woodland trails. We summitted the Big Dam Bridge (no really, that’s its official name), which is the longest pedestrian bridge in the United States.  It spans the Arkansas River and is really a sight to see (and walk or ride your bike on).  We also went downtown for pizza, visited Daddy’s work, where we all got to see his office for the first time (much more spacious than the drawer he had for an office on the Tooth Truck), and went to the Little Rock Zoo.  I must say, I liked the layout of the Little Rock Zoo, but it seemed to have a bit of an issue in the way of having far more enclosures than animals.  They are doing some construction work though, so hopefully that is why one whole area was animal-less.

Now that Ba-Chan has gone back home, Carina asks where she is every day.  I say, “Ba-Chan had to go back home, Carina.” and Carina says, “Ba-Chi had kech plane.” (Ba-Chan had to catch a plane).  We miss Ba-Chan already and can’t wait to see her again.