Our first “at home” weekend since we’ve moved was very eventful.

On Friday, we loaded up the kids and headed off to visit the doctor.  Both kids checked out in tip-top shape, with their average sized bodies and still enormous heads.  Both got shots.  Boy, was Carina ticked.  She’ll be ticked when she finds out that she’s about to finish up her last gallon of whole milk, too (Doctor’s orders).  Callen took his shots like a man. In the afternoon, we went to the wellness fair at the Children’s Hospital, where I spit on breast cancer.  There is a research team at UAMS that is doing a study on 40,000 women’s spit samples to see if they can find an indicator for breast cancer, better treatments, etc.  So, I filled out a questionairre and spit into a test tube.  It’s funny to look down a 10 foot table and see four other women dilligently filling in bubble sheets and spitting.

Friday evening Grandma and Papa Melton arrived for a weekend visit on their motorcycle.  We were all so happy to see them and gave them the first official tour of the new dwelling. They helped us get ready for our yard sale before we all went off to bed.

On Saturday morning, we got up at 6am, which is technically before the crack of dawn to get ready for the 7am start.  By 11:30, we were fairly well cleaned out, and a little bit richer for all the work.  Plus, we scored an awesome new double stroller that folds up little like an umbrella stroller from one of the other sales.

After nap time, we headed over to the Clinton Presidential Center and Library to see their current exhibit, called Art of the Chopper.  It was very cool.  The whole place was pretty cool, actually.  It’s a LEED Silver Certified green building, which sorta floats my boat. There was a replica of the state room, complete with the president’s chair, which is 2 inches taller than all the other cabinet members’ chairs.  Carina demanded that she sit in it, and so she did. Afterwards, we headed to The Purple Cow for dinner, where Carina practiced more on perfecting the art of not eating her dinner and then bumming ice cream off of everyone else at the table. Callen, angel baby that he is, waited patiently to eat until the rest of us were finished.  He downed the apple sauce that came with Carina’s burger.  I guess that counts as his first official restaurant meal.

Saturday night, Grandma and Papa were nice enough to watch the kids while Craig and I had a date night!  I don’t know how long it’s been since we’ve been out by ourselves.  We went to a comedy club, ate dessert at a local restaurant, and went to a movie. What a great time!

On Sunday morning we headed to the park so that Carina could show off her mad playground skills for Grandma, Papa, and Daddy.  They were all impressed with her “trick” of hanging from the bar above the slide each time before she slid down. After that, Grandma and Papa headed home and we relaxed and enjoyed the rest of our Sunday.  We are really enjoying Craig’s new 4 day work week.  It’s so nice to have him home on Fridays so he can do things with us that we can’t do on the weekend (like go to the doctor).