So, we’re home from our vacation, and the hand of time has put its index finger back on the fast forward button.  A few tidbits I wanted to capture in writing before they flee my shriveled brain.

A Sea Turtle named…Carina?
On our last full day in SC, we visited the aquarium in Charleston.  It was wonderful.  Craig and Carina got to feed a horseshoe crab by hand.  We also went to the live feeding show at their ocean tank, which is 42 feet deep! They introduced their resident Loggerhead sea turtle, and we were sure they said her name was Carina (they said it several times).  I asked one of the staff after the show and she explained that the turtle’s name was Caretta, because the scientific name for a Loggerhead is Caretta caretta.

Hurri Cane’t Get Away
So, we were originally going to vacation in the Gulf, but then Fay came, and we had our doubts.  Then Gustav took aim, and we started looking elsewhere.  Gustav apparently really wanted to see us, because he came all the way to Little Rock and dumped 10 inches of water on us in 3 days, creating leaks in our attic that eventually ran down through a door frame into our kitchen.  In the meantime, we booked a vacation in SC once they forcasted Hanna to hit the gulf.  The next day, they changed Hanna’s forecast to land on the Carolinas.  Luckily, Hanna was in a hurry, and was gone by the time we got to the coast.  We arrived home, and exited the airport just in time to hear storm sirens sounding in warning of the onset of Ike, who knocked our power out for about 18 hours.  I’ve watched more weather channel in the past month than in the rest of my entire life, I think!  I know this is all trivial compared to the suffering that some are experiencing due to these storms, but I just never thought that hurricanes would be a concern to me!

Craig’s New Grindstone
Today was Craig’s first day at his new job.  It is indeed a “new” job, as in his position is new, his computer is

Craig's first day of work - Green Scrubs!!

Craig's first day - ready for the OR!

new, his desk has nothing in it, there are no protocols, etc.  Craig likes to set protocol (and the bar, while he’s at it), so it’s a good fit so far. In the meantime, I’ve been all day singing a song that my grandfather used to sing.  I don’t know what it’s called, but it goes, “We three are all alone, just keeping each other company, my echo, my shadow, and me…” We were all sad not to have daddy around today, but I’m honestly sort of happy to get back to a “real” schedule.

Training for the Boobie Run
The big event for the kids and I today was a visit to the neighborhood park.  We loaded up in the double jog stroller and Carina demanded, “Run! Fast!” as we took off down the trail.  This was my first unofficial run (they’re unofficial runs until I can actually do the whole route without stopping to walk) in preparation for the Komen Race for the Cure, which I will be doing on October 11th. One of the great things about our neighborhood is there are tons of trails through the woods to run on, and the double jogger actually fits on the trails that are paved! There were quite a few other kids and mommies at the park, so we all got to socialize a bit.

Puttin’ on the Ritz
Two people greeted Craig on his first day at work by telling him what a nice home he has.  He was a little taken aback, as we haven’t had any houseguests.  His coworkers informed him that our house was featured in the “high profile” section of the Sunday paper as one of the top six real estate transacations for the week of August 18-22.  So we dug the Sunday paper out of the recycle bin, and low and behold, there was our house, with our names and selling price and all.  I know it’s public record, but this seems a little extreme.  We came to three conclusions based on this little surprise: 1. The newspaper here is either really thurough, or doesn’t have enough real news to report. 2. The Little Rock housing market must be in a serious slump for our house to make the top six transactions. 3. Being High Profile isn’t nearly as glamorous as we had imagined.