Milestones of the week.  I’m recording them here before I forget them.

  • On Sunday, Aug. 24, Callen’s blocked tear duct cleared itself.  Yea!
  • On Tuesday, Aug 26, Callen ate something besides cereal for the first time.  For the record, he is not impressed with organic sweet peas.
  • On Thursday, Aug 28, Carina counted to 10!
  • On Friday, Aug 29, Callen ate a whole container of organic sweet potatoes.  Apparently sweet potatoes are much better than sweet peas.  OR, maybe it’s because I sing that song about “Callen-ator, Sweet Potat-er…”
  • On Friday, Aug 29, both Callen and Carina both had their first movie-going experience.  We saw Dolphins at the Aerospace Education Center IMAX.  Carina was a little fidgety, but the popcorn helped.
  • On Friday, Aug 29, Craig put up our new deck pavillion and took the kids to the Museum of Discovery all by himself while Fawn had an emotional break down at the DMV.