Carina actually had two birthday parties this year. Fitting, I guess.  The first party was at Grandma and Papa Melton’s house on Thursday, Aug. 21.  Aunt Brook and cousin Lexie were also in attendance, which was very special since they were visiting all the way from Buffalo, NY.  Grandma and Lexie decorated a cake that made me feel like I might have an epileptic seizure when I looked directly at it.  It was just as wild and unique as Carina is, so it was perfect.

Carina was mesmerized by the candles and just could not bring herself to blow them out, so Craig helped.  My favorite part was when Carina grabbed her piece of cake in her hand, stood up in her booster seat, and said, “YYYUUMM!!” as if she were making a toast.

After cake and ice cream, we opened presents, Carina style.  Opening presents Carina style takes patience.  Carina does not open a gift, briefly appreciate it, and move on. No. Carina must fully experience each of her gifts before she opens another. The first gift she opened was clothes from Grandma and Papa.  She proceeded to try on each piece of clothing and dance about the room in it, complete with a few “pins!” (spins).  She didn’t bother to remove the clothes she was already wearing, and the bloomers that went with one of her new dresses became a hat.   This pattern continued (luckily it was a small party) with a toy microphone, little people tractor, and Curious George wall clings from Grandma and Papa, and an Abby Kadabby Knex set from Brook and Lex.  All in all, a very nice party.  Thank you Grandma and Papa for hosting Carina’s first 2nd Birthday party!